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It's really hard to talk to an IT guy and explain your needs and custom modifications or tailor made features; on the other hand, IT/developer fees are overrated compared to their efficiency! Thus, Joe Dandy - Lebanon team has developed full-fledge solutions specifically to the Lebanese market's needs and culture. Every package contains a free training and zero setup fees.

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Hotel Booking System

The receptionist might be a bit lost, or on a long vacation or even you're trying to centralise your data and bookings, well here's our solution: an online hotel booking system that can be used onsite and offsite; while every manager can check & confirm new bookings, the amounts paid and available vacancy from any Internet-connected device around the world.

750$ Online admin/user booking system

300$ to Integrate BLOM Bank Online Payment
hotel booking system lebanon


Once thinking about a POS you'd start by thinking about the security and integrity of your data, how many terminals the POS accepts, what are the fees needed once you want to add a product, client or implement a custom modification in addition to the infrustructure fees. Well our POS would solve all these issues! 100% customizable and expandable, we won't specify any brand for printers and scanners, can run on a tablet, pc, notebook or even a mobile. Accessible from around the world, thus the manager can check daily inventory, purchases, expenses, sales... from any branch or even if he's on a vacation.

POS Online Platform 850$

Loyalty/BLOM Bank Payment/E-Commerce Website/Punch Card 300$/Module

Holographic Pyramid

Imagine walking in the middle of a showroom and seeing a product digitally floating, it would grab your attention, won't it? Well we are proud to anounce that such a technology is available right now and the holographic display is made here in Lebanon, we're here to amaze you

Based on Screen Size Starting 130$ for 6' Devices

Movie Creation 8$/Product
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